1. What is the return Policy? 

Customer : We offer a 7 days return policy for product purchased through Dermags HQ and  Distributors with acceptable conditions of product defects will be considered.  

Distributors: We offer 7 days return policy for products purchased through Dermags HQ with  acceptable conditions of product defects will be considered.  

2. How do I place a return or exchange?  

Customers/ Consumers : Please contact Distributors and place complaint. Kindly please attached proof of defect (if any video or photo available) and receipt  

of product purchased. Then, Distributors should inform Dermags HQ  

within 3 days after received complaint and Distributors should fill up 

the return form in system and and notify the return ID to Dermags  

HQ. Dermags HQ will arrange to pick up the product defect at  

customers address. Only Dermags HQ will decide to approve the 

return and exchange of product defects. Dermags HQ will contact the  

customer to arrange for product pick up. Customer do not allow to  

courier the product defect without concerns Dermags HQ. HQ  

Dermags will not responsible or pay the claim of postage or courier  


Distributors : Please contact HQ through WhatsApps: +6011-39714250 (sakinah)  within 7 days after received stock from HQ Dermags. Kindly please  

attached receipt of product purchased. Only HQ Dermags will decide  

to process return and exchange of product defects.  

3. Timeline of process product return  

Customer/Consumers : 

A: Within 7 days from the date purchased, the customer should review the condition of the product. If  any defect occurs, customers/consumers should report complaints to distributors and  attached with receipt purchased.  
B: Distributors should inform Dermags HQ and fill up the Return Form in the system. This process  may not exceed 3 days.  
C: Dermags HQ notify the return ID and arrange courier service to pick up defect products for  customers. This process depends on the leading time of transportation. It may not exceed 7 days.  
D: After receiving a sample product defect, Dermags HQ will investigate the root causes of  the defect and response to the return product within 7 days (excluded public holiday and  weekends). 

Distributors :  
A: After received stock, Distributors should check quantity of stock and all conditions  product within 7 days. Distributors are responsible to the quality of product.  
B: Distributors contact Dermags HQ to place complaint regarding the defect items. After  received the complaint, Dermags HQ will response within 7 days excluding weekdays, public  holiday and product transportation.
5. What are unacceptable conditions of product defect for return? 
i. Product Odor  
Example: Odor of wax and vegetable oils in lipstick  
ii. Change to new design packaging released by Dermags HQ.  
Once Dermags HQ announce the release of new design packaging, return of product  with old packaging can not be replaced with new design.  
iii. Defect Packaging causes by courier or self-mistakes such fall down.  iv. Minor cases such broken packaging due to customer mistakes during open or used the  product. 
Packaging is broken after more than 1 day open. 
v. Minor cases such broken, tear or others during open or used.  
The case of broken only occur among 2 of 5000 consumers. However, the complaints  will be record by Quality Assurance Executives.
6. What is Term and Conditions of Return Policy  
i. All Dermags product purchased through distributors and Dermags HQ with accompanying  order information will be accepted for return or exchange.  
ii. All Dermags product purchased through distributors and Dermags HQ with acceptable  defect conditions will be accepted for return or exchange.  
iii. Return product without any detail of complaints by Distributors are not acceptable to be  process such customer are courier the product without inform complaints to distributors  are not Dermags HQ responsibles.  
iv. Limit only one return per name, address on product (s). Dermags monitors return activity  for abuse and reserves the right to limit returns/exchanges at Dermags in all instances.  v. Dermags HQ will not responsible if distributors used their stock to return product to their  customer. Thus, the distributors are suggested to report the return product of their  customers within 7 days. Any return process exceeded 7 days from date of purchased are  not process by Dermags HQ.